Ultimate Glow Collection

Ultimate Glow Collection

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This is the ultimate collection for achieving Miss O's signature glow!  Use your Daily Essentials to cleanse, tone, and moisturize, keeping skin clear and balanced with a healthy moisture barrier.  Use your Secret Regimen to achieve Olivia's youthful, spot-free, radiance at home.


Kit Contents:

  • Cleansing Milk
  • Balancing Toner
  • Active Moisturizer
  • Vitamin C Serum 20%
  • Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50
  • Secret Glow
  • Secret Gold 24K Gold Mask
  • Secret Pearl
  • Secret Radiance
  • Olivia Quido or Miss Universe washable spa headband (based on investory)

All Skin Types

How To Use

Cleansing Milk: Wet face. Squeeze product into hands. Gently massage into face, neck, and décolleté using circular upward motions. Follow with a splash of lukewarm water. Rinse throughly & pat dry. Can be used AM and PM.

Balancing Toner: Apply after cleansing with a cotton ball. Using upward strokes, smooth over face, neck, and décolleté. Can be used AM and PM.

Active Moisturizer: Apply to face, neck, and back of hands after cleansing and toning skin in the AM. Use daily as part of the Olivia Quido Clinical Regimen.

Vitamin C Serum: After cleansing and toning skin, apply 3-4 drops with fingertips and smooth over face (avoid neck and décolleté). Follow with SPF 50.

SPF 50: Apply liberally to face, neck and décolleté to protect skin from UV rays indoors and outdoors 15 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply at least every two hours. Use a water-resistant sunscreen if swimming or sweating.

Secret Glow Mask: Apply 3 pumps to face at bedtime. Use twice a week, 3 days apart. Alternate weekly with Secret Gold.

Secret Gold Mask: Apply 3 pumps to face at bedtime. Massage into skin until product appears gold. Use twice a week, 3 days apart.

Secret Pearl: Apply 2 pumps to face after moisturizing to give your skin a bright, iridescent glow. Massage gently outward. Can be used daily AM and PM.

Secret Radiance: Apply 3 pumps to face at bedtime. Use this 5x a week on the nights you are not masking with Secret Glow or Secret Gold.

Pigment Correction + Brightening Regimen

Olivia’s at-home regimen for depigmenting dark spots to achieve a brighter, clearer, more evenly toned complexion.

Step 1 : Cleansing Milk (AM/PM)

Prep the skin with this gentle cleanser to wash away any impurities. Use AM & PM.

Step 2: Balancing Toner (AM/PM)

Ensure skin is clear, hydrated and restored to natural pH balance. Use AM & PM.

Step 3: Active Moisturizer (AM)

Hydrate to help soften skin, soothe dryness and restore moisture balance. Use AM.

Step 4: Vitamin C (AM)

Rejuvenate skin while increasing cellular turnover for a brighter, more youthful dewy glow. Use AM.

Step 5: Secret Pearl (AM/PM)

Niacinamide, Vitamin C and Glutathione work together to improve skin tone, texture, and resiliency. Use AM & PM.

Step 6: SPF 50 (AM)

Treatments will make your skin more reactive to sun. Protect with a high level broad spectrum SPF. Use all day.

Step 7: Secret Gold (PM)

This spot correcting mask will resurface for enhanced clarity, smoother texture and a radiance boost. Use overnight.

Step 8: Secret Glow (PM)

Formulated with Collagen to fight aging by helping to improve moisture retention and elasticity. Use overnight.

Step 9: Secret Radiance (PM)

Peptides and botanicals provide powerful antioxidant and anti-aging benefits to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Use PM


I don't know what regimen is best for me.

No problem! Make an appointment to visit us either in the spa or virtually by clicking www.radiantbelle.ca

What's the best way to use my regimen?

Download the regimen guide

Should I use a makeup removing cleanser before I use Cleansing Milk?

No! You can apply this cleanser to dry skin and wipe cloth or tissue remove impurities. Then apply more cleanser with a small amount of water for a deeper clean.

I have oily skin - should I avoid Cleansing Milk?

No! If you're prone to breakouts simply filter in a purifying cleanser or acne treatment cleanser, like our Acne Benzoyl Wash, a few times a week to deep clean pores. Just be careful not to use them too frequently or you may dry out your skin.

Does everyone need a toner?

Yes! After cleansing the skin the pH is typically down to 3. A toner helps neutralize the skin back to a natural balance of 5.5 pH. This helps prepare the skin for better absorption of your treatment products.

Won't toner make my skin more dry?

No, this is an alcohol-free toner that is designed to help restore moisture and balance to the skin.

Why do I need Vitamin C?

This powerhouse ingredient helps stimulate collagen production, fight free radical damage, brighten and even skin tone and help diminish the appearance of fine lines.

My Vitamin C has started to yellow. Does that mean it has spoiled?

Vitamin C products tend to oxidize as they age and are exposed to air. As long as your product is a pale color and not dark yellow or orange it is it still effective and safe to use.

Does this sunscreen help protect against Blue Light damage?

Yes, the ingredients Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide help fight skin aging by protecting the skin from the free radicals in blue light.

What makes Secret Radiance night cream different from the one I'm currently using?

The reparative, natural extracts in this luxurious cream not only help fight against the signs of aging, they also help to target dark spots and unwanted pigmentation.

Is Secret Radiance safe to use daily?

Yes, this product is safe to use every evening, however we recommend using it on the days when you aren't masking with either Secret Gold or Secret Glow in order to maximize the improvement of uneven skin tone and dark spots.

What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is an antioxidant produced by your liver to help combat free radicals. When used topically it can help inhibit the enzyme that produces dark spots and unwanted pigmentation.

Are Secret Glow and Secret Gold safe to use daily?

This product is a targeted treatment to help fight fine lines, uneven skin tone, dark spots and dullness. It is recommended to use 2x a week, every other week as a treatment mask.

Is Secret Pearl safe to use daily?

Yes, this product is safe to use both morning and evening and can even be applied to the sensitive under eye area to target dark circles.

Will Secret Gold transfer onto my pillows or sheets?

Once the product has been rubbed so that the gold color is showing it should not transfer or rub off onto your sheets.

How do I incorporate the masks into my routine?

We recommend masking 2x per week (Mondays and Thursdays). Simply cleanse and tone and then apply this mask as your final step. For best results alternate weeks with our Secret Gold 24K Gold Mask and Secret Glow Mask.